GJJNE Dojo Mojo

behring vacirca2

  1. RESPECT the Dojo and Mates
  2. Keep an OPEN mind at all time
  3. Be FOREVER a student
  4. LEAVE Ego outside
  5. HELP and support lower ranks
  6. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  7. Don’t be afraid to look like a rookie
  8. Everyone has different physical abilities and reasons for study.
    These must be respected.
  9. Keep your Gi and yourself clean.
    Wash your feet before training and keep your nails short.

Official Testing and Seminar Gi color is White.

During regular training, Blue or Black Gis are allowed; no other colors allowed to wear; pants and jacket same color!

During No-Gi class wear clean Fight shorts (or Gi pants) and clean T-shirt or  Rush-guards; make sure it is well washed and don’t smells like hell!

Please protect your Jiu-Jitsu colleges from “Ringworm attacks” and other mat health diseases!

Ask questions ANYTIME, and when you think you know it all…LEAVE

Keep It Real!
-The Vacirca Brothers